Service for black and white equipmnet, air conditioners. We are offering the following services:

  • repairs of TV sets - LCD, LED, Plasma, CRT
  • repairs of Audio/video equipment
  • repairs of Digital cameras, camcorders
  • repairs of Small appliances
  • repairs of White home appliances - dishwashers, dryers, cooking ovens
  • repairs of Air conditioners
  • installation of goods and equipment
  • transport of goods and equipment

 Store for :

  • boilers
  • air conditioners
  • microwaves ovens
  • hot plates, induction plates and gas plates
  • vacuum cleaners
  • irons
  • coffeemachines
  • mixers‚ blenders
  • electric jugs‚ tosters and others

We are offering a service for transportation and installation of buy in merchandise.