Company "OTO–333 PANAYOTOV & SIE SD" is founded in 1991 year‚ with business activities–service and trade of home technics.
  We are repairing all sorts of TV’s‚ photographics‚ digital cameras‚ monitors‚ music systems and home technics.
  We are doing repairs of all sorts air-conditioning systems.
  Since 2014 year we are sertified for mounting‚ service and support of refrigeratory instalations‚ air-conditioning and thermo pump‚ whom contain over 3 kilo fluorite gas according to Regulations /ЕО/842/2006 from the law for cleanliness of atmospheric air.
  Since 1993 year we have contract with Sony‚ for servicing Sony products.
  We also have contracts for repairs and support of electronic technics with the following brands:

sony philips samsung panasonic
toshiba lg beko sang
aux neo daikin fujitsu
hitachi mitsubishi eldom kobe
tesy ficosota